South Asian & Exotic Plants

The smell, sight, touch, and taste of plants from one's homeland can bring about a deep sense of nostalgia and joy. Finding plants native to South Asia and other regions of the world can often be a challenge in the USA. Throughout the past seven years, Vedic Gardens has been growing and sourcing these incredibly special plants in order to supply them to our local community and the larger continental area of USA. 

Our plant business is still small, but we are growing rapidly and striving to meet the increased desire of plants throughout the region.  


Plants Catalogue

We strive to source a wide variety of plants that are native to the region of South Asia. Additionally, we carry miscellaneous unique and exotic plants.

neem tree.jpeg
mysore mulli.jpg


Azadirachta indica

Mysore Mulli

Jasminum sambac


Phyllanthus emblica


Purchasing Plants

We offer local pickup and shipping. More information can be found on each of their individual pages linked below.



For plant inquiries, please contact:

Anil Gandhi