We now offer shipping of plants to the continental United States. Please be sure to read through and understand all information on this page before requesting a shipment.

All shipment requests must be made through the form on this page. 


On this Plant Inventory spreadsheet you will find a list of plants we carry. Each row will indicate whether the plant is in stock. The description will also note the price of the plant and whether there are multiple size options. When submitting the form, you will only need to note the size of the plant if there are multiple sizes offered. If you request a plant that is out of stock, you will have the option to be put on the waitlist for when it becomes available again.


Plants are shipped through USPS 1-2 Day Priority Mail. Plants are shipped with a ball of soil wrapped in paper towel, plastic, and brown paper. Below you can see images of how plants look when they are packed. We ship plants on Mondays and Tuesdays to ensure they arrive before the weekend.


Shipping cost is calculated based on your zip code and the size and weight of your plants. Generally shipping costs for two medium sized plants will fall between $10-20 depending on your distance from North Carolina. Your shipping total will be provided after submitting the plant request form. 


Due to FDA regulations, we are unable to ship Curry Leaf plants to California.


We guarantee most plants will arrive in healthy condition. Due to the sensitive nature of Parijat, we are not able to guarantee that this plant will arrive healthy and happy. By ordering a Parijat plant, you are agreeing to take a risk that the plant will reach safely. 

Additionally, due to the distance and occasional shipping delays from USPS, we are unable to guarantee that plants shipped to Zone 8 from North Carolina will arrive healthy and happy.

To determine which zone you are in in relation to North Carolina, navigate to this site and enter "27518" as the starting zip code and enter your own zip code as the ending.

We typically do not have a problem shipping plants to Zone 8, but again you are taking a risk. Please feel free to reach out to us with questions about this policy. We guarantee the safe arrival of all other plants and regions. If on arrival your plant is dead, please immediately take a picture and send it to for a replacement. 


Please be sure someone will be home within 5 hours of your plants arrival. Upon receiving your plants, immediately unbox them, repot, and give them some water. Keep the plants out of direct sunlight for at least 24 hours and move them as little as possible. Once they have acclimated to the new climate, you may find an appropriate location for them based on their needs. 


Packing Plants

Plants are packaged and shipped in USPS Priority Mail as shown in these pictures.


Plants are taken out of their pot with a ball of soil wrapped around the roots.

A wet paper towel is wrapped around the ball of soil.

The paper towel is wrapped with a plastic bag.


The plant and plastic bag is placed into a brown paper bag to keep the stem and leaves in place.

The paper bag is wrapped around the leaves of the plant.

The plant is carefully secured inside of a mailing tube or box with additional padding as needed.


Shipping Request Form

For Continental US areas more than 50 miles from Cary, NC

Please be sure to read and understand the above information on this page before ordering plants. Submitting this form DOES NOT guarantee you will receive the plants requested. We will follow up through email within 1-2 weeks to confirm your order and collect payment. Our current inventory of plants can be found here

Preferred Payment