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Here is our knowledge-sharing space for everything regarding Indian plants……and other rare and unusual plants.

We wrote our 5 top tips on winter-protection for plants (its an option under “Plant Care” on the top menu of We are keen to know your experience – what works best for your plants? Please write and let us know.

October’s competition: We are offering a $10 coupon for this month’s most interesting plant photo! Please email your photo in, we will show it here and send this month’s winner a coupon.

Plant Search? We clearly have an unusual product range – it’s what makes us special! If you have a request for a hard-to-find tropical plant (does not have to be Indian), please tell us either here in this blog or email   We will do our best to find it for you.

Some Articles:

Bringing The Tropics To Our Homes, Patios & Gardens.

Pipal (Peepal) Tree’s Health Benefits….For A Sceptic.

Involving Kids In Gardening.

Drainage: I was just asked why a plant was looking unwell: It had soggy roots in the pot…..and the pot had no drain-holes!   Important: Pots must have drainage holes in the bottom. Never put a plant in a pot without a drainage hole(s) and some gravel/stones in the bottom to facilitate avoiding soggy roots.

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  • Bird
    October 12, 2016 8:53 am

    My Curry leaf plant is flowering and it is only 8 inches tall. Love it!!!!

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