Our History

Vedic Gardens And Nursery was founded by Anil Gandhi in 2001. It developed into two divisions: Landscaping and nursery; both leaders in the NC Triangle area. In 2015 Anil teamed up with David O’Mahony to launch the nursery division online in mid 2016.  Vedic Gardens is now the USA’s leading supplier of South Asian plants – from Mango trees to Neem, from Belle of India to Tulsi, the diverse range is literally unmatched. The awesome thing about being on-line is that the joy of growing niche plants can now be shared everywhere from New Jersey to Mississippi!  For more information, please contact us at: info [at] vedicgardens.com. Having launched online plant sales successfully, in 2017 David & Anil decided to recruit staff and re-focus on each division of the business separately. Anil now leads an awesome landscaping operation in North Carolina and David leads the USA’s best Indian online Asian plants business. Two success stories in one!

Note: We use the term “South Asian” to include not just India, but Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan too.

Nursery and Landscaping

Welcome to Vedic Gardens – a niche supplier of Indian and other unusual/rare plants, flowers and trees from many countries all around the world.
Operating a nursery means long hours and hard work – but it is a sanctuary of green, and we like to share the knowledge and the pleasure of growing things of beauty and even of plants for food and nutrition! We thrive on feedback, there is amazing knowledge out there – and we will share our and our customer’s experience and ideas via a blog to share the joy of connecting with nature.   For more information, please contact us at:     info [at] vedicgardens.com

Our Customers

Initially, Vedic Gardens focused on growing plants for the Indian community in “The Triangle” (Durham, Raleigh and Chapel Hill of North Carolina). Our customers are now from everywhere in mainland USA, every ethnicity, every social group, buying for their own back-yard, buying imaginative presents for friends…. hence our slogan: “Share the joy”.

Have a great day ….. plant something!.


For more information, please contact us at:    info [at] vedicgardens.com


David O'Mahony

David O’Mahony

Manager of On-Line Sales

About David…..

David moved from Malaysia where he grew everything from curry trees to guavas. But that is not where his passion for plants started. He previously lived in the south of France where he grew an amazing range of plants from walnut trees to apricots trees. In his early years as a child he learned how to grow the simplest of plants on a small family farm in the wild west coast of Ireland. Those were the formative years that gave him the passion of planting and growing. Hence our slogan: “share the joy…..plant something”.



Sales Specialist

About Amanda….

Amanda is a true North Carolinian …. and her enthusiasm for outdoors and plants is contagious! She has played a key role in making Vedic Gardens one of the best known nurseries in North Carolina. Amanda’s practical knowledge of what will grow, and how to help it grow in North Carolina is unequaled!


Medicinal & Herbal Plants Enthusiast

About Jyotsna….

Jyotsna is passionate about health – natural health. Her knowledge of using plants for a healthy lifestyle reflects a true passion for this subject area. Vedic Gardens will develop its herbal and medicinal range under Jyotsna’s guidance.

louis portrait lr


Plant Care Guru

About Lois….

Lois is our green-fingered guru who has the best job in the world – looking after plants! Lois knows propagation, recovery, maintenance and seeding better than the best of us….which means she never has to do the boring stuff like accounts reporting and order-printing. Such wisdom!

Plants Nursery

We have unique plants in our Nursery


Our Fantastic Landscaping Projects