Your New Plant

The first few hours are vitally important. It’s normally ok to ship plants for a few days across the country, particularly given that we take full care to ensure the plant is well prepared and packed before we pass it to the courier. We even time our drop-off at the local courier at the last few minutes before we know they are shipped from the local location to the NC central distribution center. But it’s not exactly what the plant likes best! So here are the top tips for getting your new plant from Vedic Gardens off to a thriving start in its new home:

If you are ground-planting, the key to success is  a hole that is generously larger than the root-ball, and if your soil is heavy (e.g., clay) to work some compost/soil conditioner and compost in with your native soil to make it better able to drain and encourage root growth. Even if the plant’s final location is to be part/full sun, your newly delivered plant will need to be kept in a container in the shade for a week for acclimatization.

If you are pot planting:

  1. Before the plant arrives: Have the container and a good quality potting mix ready.
  2. Rapid unpack:  Check you courier tracking number the day before you expect the plant – to be sure you can remove the plant from the packaging as quickly as possible. The only time our customers have had problems with our plants, is when the plant was left at a front door in direct sunlight for several hours. The plant suffers!
  3. Water and Shade! As soon as you have placed your plant in the potting mix, give it a thorough soak and even if the plant is a sun-lover, keep it in the shade for 3 to 7 days. This acclimatization (from dark box to full/partial sun) is essential.


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