About Us

Vedic Gardens is America’s leading on-line supplier of South Asian plants (trees, shrubs, bulbs and flowers). We are based in North Carolina, a beautiful area where the growing season is relatively long and plants thrive most of the year. For the months that are just to cold for Indian plants, we have invested heavily in greenhouses to ensure we offer an awesome product range all year-round. We welcome your suggestions regarding plants to stock. Please email us at the “contact us” address on the home page or at:   info [at] vedicgardens.com

Our Commitment

We work hard to ensure that your shopping experience is completely satisfying and enjoyable. Along with great selection and prices, our number one concern is offering superior customer service and our staff is here to serve you. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. info [at] vedicgardens.com

Legal Disclaimer

  1. This website is relatively new! It will undergo changes and improvements all the time. Pictures, written information, prices etc will change as we learn and adapt.
  2. Plants have been used to treat / prevent ailments for thousands of years. We have, wherever possible, quoted reputable sources, often research-based, to help verify the appropriateness of the plant concerned for the health benefit in question. We also personally use herbal & medicinal plants – we “practice what we preach”! However, this is litigation-oriented USA! so, please consult your own appropriate advisor (medical doctor / herbalist etc) to verify suitability for you personally.


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